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The wild dogs have returned!

Updated: May 21, 2018

In September 2017, a pack of 4 wild dogs was found in Kasonso. They remained near the same area for a few weeks and as we suspected, it turns out the female chose to den in a hole near a termite mound in Kasonso. A week or two later the whole pack was found in the plains north of our Lushimba Lodge, except now there were 8 pups! This was very exciting for us. The pack was sighted regularly in the thicket and woodland areas just north of our lodge. The Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) was called in to dart the alpha male upon which a satellite tracking collar was placed. Unfortunately, 1 pup passed away during this time. Throughout the 2017/2018 wet season, the pack was not seen again. The GPS coordinates produced by the collar showed the pack moving into Kafue National Park then crossing back into Kasonso almost to our western boundary and then back again. In early May, a GPS point showed that the pack was on Kafue’s western boundary road, a mere 3km south of Lushimba Lodge. We decided to drive down and investigate only to find the entire pack of 11 wild dogs out in the road! All 7 pups had survived the wet season and were now big and healthy, along with the 4 adults. This was a huge relief to see that the entire Lushimba pack was alive and well. We plan to continue monitoring them and hopefully have regular sightings of them in the near future. #wilddogs #ZCP #carnivores #NtenguSafaris #KasonsoBusangaGMA #trackingcollars

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